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Everything Awesome
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give sofuckingawsome more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

Adopt your own useless blob!

1. fill out the following survey, within 24 hours of joining, behind a Live Journal cut, or you will automatically be rejected.
2. Where it asks about the Pimpmama and Biotch, put Jess and Devon.
3. If you are not accepted, you can reapply once more [after 3 days].
4. If you do not post the stamp in your info (within 72 hours) without a good reason as...authorized?...by Jess, your posting access will be removed.
5. If no one votes or there is a tie after 24 hours, it is up to Jess whether you get accepted or rejected.
6. If you don't vote, don't complain about the decisions.
7. Don't dissrespect members because of their opinions.

Thank you,

1] What's your name, bitch? :

2] How old are you? :

3] Just out of curiosity, what's your favourite music? Bands? :

4] Do you watch television? If so, what programs? :

5] Give us a picture of you. :

6] What makes you so fucking awesome? [at least three reasons] :

7] How about a picture of something that makes you laugh? :

8] Pick one from each of these. :
a. ketsup and mustard -
b. fish or bird -
c. Stewie or Brian [Family Guy]-

9] What's your opinion on :
a. homosexuality -
b. racism -
c. abortion -
d. prostitution -
e. religion-
f. gay marriage-

10] Another picture, of ANYTHING you want. :

11] Who referred you?:

12] Who're the greatest Pimpmama and Biotch? :

How to post the stamp in your info:
1. right click on the picture and click on "properties"
2. copy the url (tinypic.com thing)
3. put <*img src*="........."*> with the url replacing the ...s (take the *s out)

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